Why do we teach this? Why do we teach it in the way we do?

At Edlington Victoria Academy, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) is central to all aspects of pupil learning, both in the classroom and beyond. It is taught both as timetabled weekly lessons and across the school day in every aspect of school life.

We teach PSHE following the Jigsaw whole school approach which establishes consistency. Jigsaw is a comprehensive PSHE programme underpinned by mindfulness, philosophy and practice. Jigsaw nurtures our pupils to become confident and successful, increasing their capacity to learn and preparing them for the challenges of the modern world. Our PSHE lessons also provide pupils with opportunities to develop their emotional intelligence and life skills. Our teachers are able to confidently adapt Jigsaw lessons based on their own class needs and supplement learning if issues or new concepts arise.

Teaching pupils about our Protected Characteristics is underpinned through our whole curriculum design which uses lenses to focus on specific concepts to ensure pupils leave primary school as strong, respectful and tolerant citizens in the wider world. Some concepts are also taught explicitly within our PSHE lessons or working alongside outside agencies.

We also teach pupils through our Academy Core Values (learning behaviours) and ensure that these skills are taught explicitly within lessons. 

What do we teach? What does this look like?

Through the PSHE curriculum, we aim to:

  • develop pupils’ understanding of the world and of personal, social, health, emotional and citizenship concepts and relevant vocabulary
  • provide pupils with a relevant, age appropriate and broad curriculum
  • understand issues relating to their own health, personal care, sexual development and relationships
  • enable pupils to make choices
  • provide pupils with strategies to maintain personal wellbeing, promote resilience and equip pupils with skills to keep themselves and others safe
  • promote an atmosphere celebrating equality and diversity
  • enable learners to form appropriate relationships and give them a sense of dignity and respect for each other
  • develop personal responsibility, self-confidence and assertiveness
  • empower learners so they have more control over their own life
  • enhance their self esteem


Our half term units of work include:

·       Being Me in My World

Includes lessons on Self-Identity, Group Identity, Responsibilities, Consequences, Teamwork and introduces the Jigsaw Charter.

·       Celebrating Difference

Includes lessons on Similarity & Difference, Bullying, Stereotyping, Racism, Discrimination and Celebrating Differences and Individuality.

·       Dreams and Goals

Includes lessons on Aspirations, Goals, Challenges, Teamwork, Resilience, Jobs and Careers and Simple Budgeting.

·       Healthy Me

Includes lessons on Drugs and Alcohol Education, Self-Esteem and Confidence as well as Healthy Lifestyle choices.

·       Relationships

Includes lessons on Friendship, Family and other Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Loss and Bereavement.

·       Changing Me

Includes lessons on Coping Positively with Change, Puberty, Environmental and Life Cycles (includes Human Reproduction).