Religious Education

Why do we teach this? Why do we teach it in the way we do?

At Edlington Victoria we teach Religious Education fortnightly and we run alongside the Jigsaw Scheme, throughout school we follow the Discovery RE scheme. We supplement our Religious Education through hands on experiences, and visitors into school to help broaden and deepen our pupil’s knowledge of particular faiths and festivals celebrated.

Specific aspects of religion, relationships, morality and the natural world are covered. Though we mainly have Christian based curriculum, other religions and beliefs are also explored within our curriculum too.

What do we teach? What does this look like?

We implement our intent using Discovery RE and we organise our learning into terms and each term as a specific religious focus. Through the units, we develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that we want children to remember and use. Each unit of learning is designed to build upon prior learning, right from the early years, to ensure better retention of knowledge that can be built upon when the topic/festival may arise in a later year group. Teachers have access to the online scheme which breaks down the lessons into four parts (engagement, investigation, evaluation and expression) this helps with the progression of the enquiry question that the children will study to in the end evaluate their own thoughts and feelings around the line of enquiry. Within school, we do have a bank of religious artefacts that can be used to enhance our curriculum and embed knowledge.

As a school we do have regular visits from our local Priest whom we have a great connection with, this also allows us to embed those key festivals within the Christian calendar and helps us with the continuing curriculum that we offer at Edlington Victoria.