School Meals

We offer a wide variety of healthy meal choices that are reasonably priced at £2.60 per day (£13.00 per week).  Please use the links below to see our menus (the dates are on so that you can see each week).  Edlington Victoria Academy is now a cashless school so payments for school meals is made using ParentPay.  All parents are given an account, alternatively payments can be made at PayPoint using a specially generated barcode.  Please ask at the school office if you need a barcode for your child.

Children who are in Foundation and Key Stage 1 are entitled to the Government Funded Universal Free School Meals so there will be no charge for their meals.

Your child may be eligible for Free School Meals if you are claiming the relevant benefits.  If you are unsure please ask in confidence at the school office.  There are many benefits to the school and your application would mean additional funding for the school which in turn will provide valuable resources towards the education of your child.  You would also be eligible for the free school meal vouchers in the event of school being closed due to a Covid lockdown.  Alternatively you can make an application online via the following:

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Free school meals