Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Strategy for Edlington Victoria Academy sets out to achieve equity for all pupils across school, meaning that those with the barriers of being disadvantaged in anyway are supported to meet their potential. It intends to ensure that disadvantaged pupils can access high quality teaching, targeted support and wider opportunities where possible so that their attainment is as close to age related expectations as possible, if not beyond this.

This plan focuses on phonics attainment so that more pupils leave KS1 able to read, as well as reading, writing and maths. In the core subject the focus is on effective teaching strategies and memorisation techniques so that knowledge is retained and can be applied.

The key principles of the plan are to continually upskill all staff working with pupils to a high standard so that learning is pitched accurately and effective teaching strategies are embedded. It also looks at each pupil holistically to ensure that pastoral and wellbeing needs are met which also extends to the family home.

Our Pupil premium reports are available below

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